This fall, Texas high schools and colleges will host more than 375 college fairs in a variety of formats for the 2022-2023 TACRAO College Fair Season.  TACRAO college fair hosts selected the option/options that best fit their district and school guidelines. 


Registration for TACRAO's 2022 fall college fairs is currently open!

College & University Booth Registration For In-Person Fairs

Colleges/Universities/Organizations still have time to reserve a booth at one of the many hosted In-Person Fairs! 

Click below to download a step-by-step guide on how to register for TACRAO's In-Person fairs.


Important Information About In-Person Fair Registration: 

  • Not all fairs are open to all institutions and at this time, some fairs are closed and/or full due to guidelines associated with District Policies.


  • Not all fairs are available for college/university registration through TACRAO's registration form. Certain fairs have their own registration form.
    • A link will be provided on TACRAO's registration form for the fairs that are utilizing their own.


Please make sure to check the TACRAO College Day Night Schedule on a daily basis.  Fair information is updated continually and most college fairs hosts will also try to update participants as the format changes per District Guidelines and Safety precautions.



Your institution must be a current TACRAO Member or Subscriber and your list of representative emails MUST be up to date.

Email addresses that are not on the current TACRAO Member and Subscriber list will not be able to register.


If you are apart of member or subscriber institution and your email address is not recognized, see these instructions.


TACRAO Member Dues or TACRAO Subscriptions must be current to gain access to the College/Day Night Schedule.

For information on In Person College Fairs, please visit the TACRAO website: and click on the Member Login button located in the right hand corner

College & University Booth Registration For Virtual Fairs


The Fall TACRAO Virtual Booth Registration System is now OPEN!

The last day to secure a Virtual Booth is Friday, September 9, 2022 at 4pm CDT.

The first live virtual fair date is Friday, September 16, 2022 at 9am CDT.

College Matchmaking™ and your virtual booth MUST be completed by Wednesday, September 14 at 4pm CDT to participate in the first live virtual fair date.