Registration for new colleges and universities closed on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 .

Students, family members, and counselors are able to register for the college fair series. 

The College Fair will ALWAYS be available to these audiences.    


Helpful Hints for Students:  

  1. Please use proper capitalization.  (examples:  Jane Doe, 1234 South Drive)
  2. When searching for your High School name, try searching by city name, TX or high school name.  The name of your school may not always match the way you refer to it.  
  3. If you are a high school student under the age of 16, please seek parent or guardian permission first.  You will want to click on the Certify Button during your registration process to complete your registration.

Helpful Hints for Family Members:

  1. This is a tool for your student (and you) to start to learn and connect with colleges and univeristies.
  2. Create a log-in with your student utilizing their information (maybe it is a shared log-in), many colleges/universities will utilize this information to communicate with your student
  3. Identify yourself as a family member when engaging with colleges/univeristies via the chat platform.
Creating a password lets you log back in to modify your registration, and speeds up your next registration.